The curtain comes down on this final reference which marks the conclusion of the Nox file. After having analyzed the 2024 Equation and, not long ago, the latest generation AT10 12K, I now highlight the model that most appealed to me, whether in terms of handling, comfort, aesthetics, and generally, in all aspects of the game.

It is not a revolution, nor a reissue, and even less a prototype. I believe that the term experimental is the most appropriate, because it is the first time that such a combination has been carried out.

Indeed, this version combines the elements of Miguel Lamperti's ML10 Pro Cup, one of the most popular rackets in the history of padel, with the design of Agustín Tapia's AT10 Genius mold, the best-selling racket in the world in 2022 and 2023.

Nox engineers therefore aimed to extract the best from both worlds to develop an absolute reference that combines the strengths of each.

Halfway between an AT10 and an ML10

From an aesthetic point of view, this racket evokes the famous ML10 with its emblematic white background embellished with touches of red and the logo in multiple colors, mainly in shades of gray.

This visual ensemble constitutes the distinctive signature of Nox, probably already spotted by any fan of padel worldwide.

The handle was extended by 10 mm, in order to comply with current standards, and the safety strap is equipped with the system SmartStrap, offering the possibility of changing the padded wrist strap in an instant.

HR3 foam always at the top

No technological innovation to report, nor advanced engineering, but rather elements proven over the years, in particular the renowned HR3 core. The latter has proven itself on most Nox models and is renowned as one of the most efficient foams on the market. Indeed, HR3 rubber is used as the main material in the core of most tennis rackets. padel Nox

It is a high density elastic foam designed to provide an optimal balance between power and control. The letter “HR” in “HR3” refers to “High Rebound”, indicating the ability of the foam to quickly return to its original state after being compressed, which helps generate power during strikes. ball.

HR3 foams do not provide an extremely rigid feeling to the touch, because depending on the model and the season, all offer more of an intermediate sensation. What mainly sets them apart is their remarkable ability to generate a powerful ball exit from the back of the court, thereby reducing the need for the player to force his shots.

In defensive situations, palas equipped with this core prove exceptional, giving the impression that simply “touching the ball” with the racket is enough to send it towards the opposing camp without having to exert excessive force.

3K Silver fiberglass

On smooth and shiny surfaces, the 3K Silver fiberglass was preferred because it has several advantages over other variations of glass fibers commonly used in the manufacture of tennis rackets. padel.

Its superior rigidity provides greater power and improved control compared to conventional fiberglass. Additionally, its increased durability helps extend the life of the racket.

Fiberglass with a metallic finish gives a kind of rigidity that is somewhere between carbon and plain fiberglass. Here are some of the specific benefits associated with using 3K Silver fiberglass:

Increased power : Due to its greater rigidity compared to traditional fiberglass, 3K Silver fiberglass transmits more energy to the ball. This results in more powerful and precise strikes.

Better control : the rigidity of 3K Silver fiberglass offers players better control of the trajectory of the ball. this advantage is particularly beneficial for those looking for maximum precision in their strikes.

Increased durability : thanks to its greater durability compared to traditional fiberglass, 3K Silver fiberglass allows rackets to padel to resist blows and shocks more effectively, thus extending their lifespan.

Proven technologies

The mold, made entirely of carbon, adopts a teardrop-shaped silhouette and features an integrated anti-vibration system and the famous DCS, providing superior stability, maneuverability, robustness and speed.

As previously stated, the proven technologies of the ML10 racket have been merged into the framework of the AT10, thus taking advantage of a latest generation mold in perfect harmony with the HR3 foam / metallized fiberglass combination.

From the first exchanges, we immediately notice that this model offers an incomparable ball release.
This is all the more appreciable in winter, during our test day in the Aix countryside, where the mercury rarely exceeded 10 degrees. For those unfamiliar with the subject, it is crucial to understand that foam tends to stiffen in cold weather.

Softer foam and/or fiberglass covering provide more pleasant ball reception, correct off-center hits, improve comfort, all without compromising the sweetspot. This racket proves to be the decisive asset in all match situations. Its exceptional maneuverability results from admirable weight distribution, guaranteeing secure execution of volleys thanks to a Sweet spot gigantic. The smashes sink easily into the rubber, and the trampoline effect propels the ball with disconcerting ease.

The full power is not equivalent to that of certain models of the brand characterized by a diamond shape, Black Eva rubber or the presence of 18K carbon fibers. However, this will be largely satisfactory for the vast majority of players, who will consider this model as an obvious alternative to excel in all facets of the game. It also shines in the area of ​​defensive play, thanks to the synergy between an imperial eraser and a 3K fiberglass with indisputable comfort. This combination eliminates all hitting approximations and offers a ball output quality rarely matched.


Taken from the Pro Series line, the AT Pro Cup Genius, for its first release, will soon establish itself as the ultimate racket combining all the elements that a player of padel research in order to perform as calmly as possible. It is an astonishing reference that takes advantage of the expertise accumulated by Nox over the years as well as the rigorous Testea reliability label.

It manages to marry fundamental and proven technologies without resorting to grandiose terminologies or complex manufacturing techniques. On the contrary, it capitalizes on what has proven itself over many years, by combining these elements in a clever way to offer a product with countless qualities.

Although it may lack power for a certain percentage of players, I am convinced that it will help raise the level of others padelists towards higher dimensions.

To close this chapter, it is important to note that the quality-price ratio of this reference is excellent, and there is no doubt that it will conquer its audience, because all the ingredients come together to make it a bestseller.

I can only express my admiration for the entire team under the leadership ofEl Patron Jesús Ballvé, who was able to create a racket of great versatility, combining comfort, aesthetics, performance, and excellent handling.

A big thank you to Kristina Clément for taking the trouble to come to let me try the complete 2024 collection, as well as to Tristan Barre for his warm welcome and his legendary smile.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!