This is a statistic that should make many gamers die of envy. padel, whether professional or amateur. As our colleagues from Veinte Diez attest Padel, Fernando Belasteguin and Juan Martin Diaz were undefeated for a year and nine months between 2005 and 2007!

Not content with having been number 1 for 16 and 13 years respectively, Bela and JMD experienced moments of absolute domination during this period.

Indeed, the one who left the highest level at the end of last year, and the one who will do the same at the end of this season, recorded a series of 94 consecutive victories, with a total of 188 sets won, against only seven lost! The result is 22 tournaments which have been won consecutively by the native of Pehuajo and that of Mar del Plata.

Totally mind-blowing figures which attest to the ascendancy that the two men had over the competition at that time.

In your opinion, can the records of Juan Martin and Fernando be broken one day?

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