Ultra Padel of Miami will soon go from nine to 29 tracks padel, and in fact become the biggest club in the United States.

If you padel has not yet experienced full growth in the USA, where racket sports fans currently prefer pickleball and tennis, it is seriously starting to make a name for itself across the Atlantic.

And while the Pro Padel League goes allowing Americans this year to see some of the world's best players in action, initiatives from individuals are multiplying.

And as our colleagues at Padel paper, the Ultra Padel (USA Group) in Miami will see its number of tracks increase from nine to 29 (17 outdoor tracks, 12 indoors).

Behind these colossal investments, we find a French group, which also wants to bring a tricolor touch by laying carpets reminiscent of the clay courts of Roland-Garros.

As you see in these photos shared by The Padel Paper is a very high-end club that is emerging, with a gym, VIP zone, tree-lined areas, lounges, pilates and yoga classes, cold baths for recovery, spa, etc.

Will this premium Florida club, which should be fully operational on October 31, become the club with the largest number of tracks in the world? Unfortunately for him, no!

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