Black Crown returns with three new palas for its leading players of the World Padel Tour in 2021: Adrian Allemandi, Eli Amatriain, and Marta Marrero!

Three models that use the best technologies of the brand, with perfect finishes, such as a very comfortable wrist strap.

Allemandi marrero amatriain news black crown 2021

Black Crown Genius

Black crown racketeering genius

This is the new pala with which we will see Adrian Allemandi on the WPT courts this season. The one who will now play alongside Maxi Sanchez should wreak havoc with this Genius. Shaped water drop, it will be perfect for those looking for power, without losing control. The Power soft Memory White Eva foam will give you great ball output, while the rough 3k carbon on the faces will allow you to feel the ball well. A pala that should wreak havoc!

Weight: 355-370g

Black Crown Piton 9.0 Soft

It is the pala with which will evolve from now on Eli Amatriain. A round shaped pala, for more maneuverability. The Power Soft Memory EVA foam, topped with aluminized 3k carbon will offer you a lot of comfort. In summary, a perfect pala for right-wing players who are looking above all flexibility and comfort!

Weight: 355-370g

Black Crown Nakano 15K

Black Crown Piton Nakano racket 15k

The pala chosen by Marta Marrero for 2021 should once again be very bad! The SC White EVA rubber, topped with 15k carbon on the sides, will guarantee you good power in attack with enough ball exit in defense. The extended handle will allow you to be particularly comfortable on two-handed backhands, like Marta Marrero. All in all, this is a perfect pala for offensive players who want an aggressive yet comfortable pala.

Weight: 355-370g

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