Who would have thought that Federico Chingotto and Martin Di Nenno would enjoy such success together? Indeed, the two players associated “by default” for the Master Final of the WPT, the last tournament of the 2022 season, have thwarted the odds to reach the final !

David vs Goliath

The two players on the right, who were playing together for the first time in a tournament of this level, were simply irresistible, enough to win the hearts of many fans! Indeed, these two men appreciated for their will to win and their always impeccable attitude on the track have formed a very solid pair. Favorites of none of their matches, they benefited from the support of the spectators, softened by these two relatively small players (1m70 for Chingotto, 1m75 for Di Nenno) who confronted the big arms of the circuit. A David versus Goliath side that has necessarily seduced more than one.

Without pressure, the Argentinians were able to take full advantage of the slow conditions to take advantage of a game of patience and strategy. “Super Raton” proved to be devilishly comfortable on the left, while his short-lived partner was true to form, missing very little, fighting on all the balls, distributing with ease and putting his teammate in the best provisions.

Finally nothing surprising coming from two athletes with an exceptional ability to move and touch the ball so impeccable that he drove their opponents crazy. Opponents who knew what to expect, as Paquito Navarro had specified before the start of the tournament, but who have not always been able to find the solution.

In the end, if we see more often players on the left passing to the right to form powerful pairs, we realize that two players on the right with a defensive profile and remarkable ball quality are quite capable of creating a most competitive duo.

Will we ever see them together again?

Indeed, after dominating their compatriots Sanyo and Tapia in the first round, Fede and Martin put the cover back against their former teammates Tello and Navarro. Victories in three sets each time for these two men, who, true to their reputation, have never given up. In the final, the step was a bit high against the best pair in the world, but Rodri Ovide's players still managed to take a set from those who remained out of twelve victories in two straight sets (7 on the WPT, 5 on Premier Padel)!

A very high-flying performance that leaves a taste of too little for the fans of the two men, who would dream of seeing them associated again. It must be said that to end this season which will have been very long for everyone, the Argentinians will have brought a real breath of fresh air to Catalonia.

Unfortunately for their admirers, for the moment, an association between their darlings is not on the agenda. Indeed, Martin Di Nenno will find his youth partner Franco Stupaczuk, while Fede Chingotto is still Javi Garrido's teammate.

Even in the distant future, a long-term Chingotto/Di Nenno pair seems unlikely. Indeed, if the two men perfectly knew how to take advantage of the slow conditions of Barcelona, ​​the surprise effect and the fact of playing without any pressure, we say to ourselves that they would certainly suffer more over a full season where their lack of power would probably be felt at some point...

But you never know, maybe one day injuries or changes of pairs will push them to unite again, to the delight of “aficionados” no doubt!

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