What pity to find yourself stopped for several days or weeks due to bad management of our efforts. here are some advices which we hope will help you to handle better your physical activity.

Le padel is certainly a sport like any other, but its difference from other activities is its quick handling, its user-friendliness and above all the addiction it generates. But what we don't necessarily know is that this sport is demanding on our joints.

What are the most common problems encountered?

Aside from serious injuries like sprains or impact injuries, all sorts of discomforts can prevent you from performing at your best. There elbow tendonitis is a good example, but back pain, knee pain, hip pain etc. can sometimes be generated by too intensive practice. Pain which, if poorly treated or not taken seriously, will worsen and cause you to stop.

First solution: act like the pros

The first thing to do would be, when you get injured or feel pain, not to neglect it. Take the time to understand what happened and whether or not you can complete your game. Take care of yourself because you may experience this pain again in a few years. It is better to stop for a few days and recover well, rather than staying with discomfort which will reduce your performance and perhaps cause a more serious injury later.

Benjamin Tison injury

Second solution: play with your age

We are all different ages and different life paths. You have to accept your age and not believe that at 50 you can have the same performance as at 20. Your experience increases while your physique decreases. Be aware of this and you will see that your game will improve and above all that you will manage to avoid injuries.

Third solution: know how to say no

When it's too much, it's too much. How many people don't know how to say no to multiple match offers. The problem is that the physical aspect does not follow. You have to know how to set limits, a number of matches per week not to exceed to maintain this desire to play for a long time. A person who abuses can get tired or worse, hurt themselves.

Fourth solution: eat better and recover

Diet is the basis of good health. Sleep is also part of it. Specialists are there to help you eat better, but know that on your own, with a little research and awareness, you will be able to eat correctly.

And above all drink: water or drinks intended to accompany physical efforts or which help you recover. Many people don't think about drinking or stop to spend as much time on the trail as possible. The problem is that due to this lack of water, you become dehydrated and therefore reduce your performance, you recover less quickly, you risk headaches and above all you could seriously injure yourself!

Treating an injury is quite simple. You have a problem and then you fix it. But preventing an injury is not so easy. Taking care of your body is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle. It's up to everyone to find the right balance so that you can practice the sport you want, enjoy the post-match sessions, not lose the desire and prevent injuries; in summary, find the right mix, the right cocktail. Go!

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a teacher of padel in Tenerife (Spain). Columnist and advisor, he helps you play better through his tutorials and tactical/technical articles padel.