We met the network manager 4PADEL, Damien Pellissiere, who gladly agreed to take part in the interview exercise. Review of the year 2021, global vision of the padel as well as group 4 strategyPadel, were discussed during this enriching interview.

More than 250 tournaments, from June to December 2021 within the network 4PADEL

Padel Magazine : First of all Damien, what was the assessment of the year 2021 for group 4PADEL ?

Damien Pellissiere: ” I will not talk about the first 6 months to forget, but since the reopening last June we can say that the 4 clubsPadel are on fire! What a pleasure to find our players, both on the slopes and at the Sports Bar!

We took advantage of this “pause” to speed up one of the subjects that is close to our hearts: innovation and improvement of the experience, to offer the best to our players.
Indeed, at the end of the year we released our new digital platform (app 4PADEL) with new features (loyalty program with kitty, simplified shared payment, videos of the games with the best points, etc.). We have also launched the deployment of connected windows, a real innovation, in our emblematic centers.

2021 is also the year of the opening of the 4PADEL Marville at La Courneuve with 7 runs. We are very satisfied with the first year of operation since it is the best start for a center 4PADEL, which shows that the market is exploding, especially in IDF.
We are preparing great things in the weeks to come with an event/inauguration in fine weather to promote and highlight this complex and its premium facilities at the gates of Paris.
Finally, 2021 marks the launch of our first 1% club padel in Colomiers, with a transformation of 5-a-side football into 100% padel symbolic of the trend of the moment. And believe me the little brothers won't be long! “

4Padel Photo columbines
4PADEL Colomiers

Padel Magazine : We have seen that tournaments of various sizes were organized last year within your facilities. What 2022's sequel will be different for 4PADEL ?

Damien Pellissiere: “The resumption of activity has been very strong in our clubs with incredible momentum in the organization of leisure/approved tournaments. To give you some highlights, we organized from June to December 2021, more than 250 tournaments on the network!! We have the ambition to keep a steady pace by offering tournaments / events adapted to all audiences (competitors, leisure, men, women, children) and to continue to create new practitioners, democratize the practice to continue develop and host the best players on the national circuit during major tournaments/events.

Speaking of major events for 2022, we can mention the two highlights, in particular on the 4PADEL Colomiers with the first WPT in France and the reception of previas plus part of the women's final draw in the club. We are very proud to host these meetings, it will be an incredible event and a new spotlight on the padel with the presence of the best players in the world and hopefully good performances from the French.
The second event will be at the end of the year with the organization of a P2000 stage. Meanwhile, other surprises will complete this exceptional year for the padel and our network. “

Opening of 4Padel Montreuil for September/October 2022

Padel Magazine : We know that 4padel is established in Reunion in particular, is it possible that the firm will internationalize more soon or is it not up to date?

Damien Pellissiere: “Honestly we have so many things to do in France that the international is not our priority, but a lot of opportunities arise so we do not swear on this subject.
Our strategy is first to bring the padel in Paris and allow Parisians / Ile-de-France residents to play closer to home and in the best possible conditions.

4PADEL Montreuil will also be the 4th point in the IDF zone after Champigny, Créteil & Marville, and while waiting for the 5th at the Olympic Aquatic Complex (Stade de France) in 2024. A hall padel dedicated with 5 indoor courts and 11 m high ceilings will complete our offer in the historic Arthur Ashe tennis center, a stone's throw from Paris! The work started at the beginning of the year, we are counting on an opening at the start of the school year in September / October, can't wait to inaugurate it together! “

Padel Magazine : As network director 4PADEL, how do you assess the current evolution of the padel in the world ?

Damien Pellissiere: " The phenomenon padel exploded during the Covid especially in Europe with the emergence of countries like Sweden or Italy with the creation of thousands of tracks in a very short time. It has always been very high in Spain and Latin America so it's very encouraging and it shows the full potential of the market, the appeal of this sport.

A shift has been taken with, in particular, the structuring of the high level and the initiatives of the international federation to professionalize sport with renowned players in the sports world. “

Padel Magazine : And in France ?

Damien Pellissiere: We are only at the beginning of development in France, and the joint efforts of private clubs and the FFT are going in the right direction to catch up. The evolution is growing, having new players like Z5 Padel which highlight this sport is a very good thing for the evolution of the practice.
We can also cite the driving role of the FFT, media coverage also with Canal + and the World Padel Tour, and the impact of the Major at Roland-Garros which are likely to change the situation in France for the general public as well. 

Objective 200 tracks for 2025

Padel Magazine : What does the future hold for 4PADEL ?

Damien Pelissiere: “We hope for only good things! As you can see, many events are planned and other projects are in the pipeline, we won't be bored.
We will pass the symbolic bar of 100 tracks in 2022, and we are aiming for 200 for 2025.
We want to continue to develop, grow, discover the practice and above all animate, share moments of conviviality with our players while offering the best possible experience.
It's all these things that inspire all of the group's employees, the padel it's 4FUN, 4ALL, 4YOU"

Nasser Hoverini

Passionate about football, I discovered the padel in 2019. Since then, it's been crazy love with this sport to the point of abandoning my favorite sport.