Elsa Pellegrini, event manager and textile product manager, and Simon Guyet, promotion and partnership manager, tell us about the 2022 edition of the Head Padel Open live from WinWin club Padel of Arbois, in Cabriès

Surprises for years to come!

Elsa Pellegrini : "In Head since the arrival of padel we have always supported and loved helping the development of this sport which was emerging 6/7 years ago. We try to make this event evolve every year, we have some ideas for the years to come that we won't reveal to you right away but we don't want to stop there! With Simon and the whole team Head we will do everything to continue to advance the padel thanks to HPO !

Competition and entertainment on the program!

Simon Guyet : “I am very happy to be here for the 3rd edition of the Head Padel Open, we have been working for several months and even several years. It is very important for society Head to have this type of tournament because we are free to organize what we want, from sports to side events. The goal is competition while having a great time and that fits perfectly with the idea we have at Head also with product tests throughout the weekend”

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Mario Cordero

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