Asked by our colleagues Padel Addict, Fernando Poggi, recently retired from the courts, wanted to salute the impact that Lebron and Galan have had on the game in recent years.

Closer to Lebron and Galan since their coach Mariano Amat decided to step down from his duties, Fernando Poggi, who takes care of the Spaniards with Jorge Martinez, knows how special his players are: “It’s a pair that changed the padel. There was a change in speed, in style of play, with this way they played two or three balls in a row with a lot of explosiveness.”

A change for which the other players on the circuit were not prepared. Indeed, for three years, the Spaniards dominated the padel worldwide: “During the years when they were number 1, they strung together victories like stringing pearls.”

But during a delicate start to the season marked by injuries, the 2020 World Champions clearly lost pace. Before reborn from their ashes and winning four tournaments out of six in an impressive final sprint. A return to the top which feels good and which must be celebrated according to the former Argentinian player: “What they are doing is very difficult. I tell them that they celebrate each of their titles.” Words full of wisdom for these two players who are finally getting their heads above water and who can congratulate themselves on never having given up.

Next year we don't know if Ale and Juan will be on the same side of the track, nor if Poggi will still be at their side, but we imagine that they will want to finish the year in style, and continue to prove that when 'they play their best padel, not many people are able to compete. And after a short break while their rivals went to Mexico, the two friends should be in full swing for the last two tournaments of the season (the P1 in Milan and the WPT Master Final)!

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