Find the results, the direct and all the information relating to the FIP Gold from Perpignan, the first tournament of its kind in France. The main draw matches begin this Wednesday, June 22, 2022. The semi-finals and final will be played on Sunday 26.

Sunday 18:47 p.m. – Vilarino/Ramirez win the title!

The summary article is in the process of being published.

Sunday 13:09 p.m. – Vera and Garcia collect the second ticket for the final

Undoubtedly facing one of the great revelations of this tournament, Pedro Vera and Aitor Garcia handled their meeting to perfection. Like the first half, the match was particularly indecisive. We felt that the wheel could turn one way or the other, except that in this kind of match you have to be perfect. And unfortunately, the Jofre / Santana pair will not have found the miracle recipe to change the fate of the meeting.

Final score: Garcia/Vera 6-3 7-6

Sunday 11:12 a.m. – The first finalists are…Ramirez/Vilarino!

In a particularly indecisive match, which was almost impossible to read, it was finally Fran Ramirez and Nacho Vilarino who qualified for the grand final of this FIP Gold Perpignan at the expense of Ignacio Sager and Marcos Cordoba.

Break and unbreak is how we can sum up this meeting with a particularly “fuzzy” face.

Fuzzy, in the sense that no one really seemed to dominate the meeting and that from the first to the last point. However, it is precisely in this type of particularly balanced matches that we see the strength of the great players, and today it was Fran and Nacho who managed to re-accelerate the pace of the match at key moments. .

Final score: Ramirez/Vilarino 6-4 6-4

Sunday 10:00 a.m. – Start of the semi-finals

Saturday 23:59 p.m. – The results of the quarter-finals

Saturday 22:24 p.m. – Santana and Jofre are having fun once again!

Already fabulous yesterday against Tison/Zapata, Aday Santana and Inigo Jofre once again made a very strong impression during their quarter-final against Diego Gil and José Carlos Gaspar. If the first set was very hooked, the second set was quite different. Aday but especially Inigo gave us a recital of padel, by revealing their full panoply of shots against totally annoyed opponents (Diego Gil distinguished himself on many occasions, by deliberately sending his balls above the center of this FIP Gold Perpignan following lost points).

Final score: Santana/Jofre 7-6 6-2

Saturday 20:54 p.m. – Garcia and Vera eliminate the Frenchies!

Despite a very good match from Max Moreau and Jérôme Inzerillo, the Spaniards were impressive in terms of consistency and composure. Not panicking in the face of the Perpignan public who pushed behind the 100% tricolor pair, Aitor and Pedro perfectly negotiated the management of the highlights and the resumption of the match (following the 20-minute interruption due to precipitation).

Final score: Garcia/Vera 6-4 6-4

Saturday 19:09 p.m. – Follow the live of the 2 remaining quarters

Saturday 15:22 p.m. – Sager and Cordoba eliminate seed 8

After more than 1 hour and 45 minutes of combat, Marcos Cordoba and Ignacio Sager won in 3 sets of very high quality in particular playing conditions. Particular, because if the game had started under a blazing sun, as time passed, the sky became more and more cloudy. In the game, Marcos Cordoba and Ignacio Sager on the edge of the precipice on many occasions after the loss of the 1st set, found the necessary resources to reverse the trend and win this match against Carlos Pérez and Emi Iriart (yet slightly favorites of the meeting ).

Final score: Sager/Cordoba 3-6 7-5 6-3

Saturday 13:24 p.m. – Ramirez and Vilarino go through to the semi-finals!

Impressive throughout the game, Fran Ramirez and Nacho Vilarino delivered an almost perfect score. By 3, cushioning and lobs particularly well felt, Ramirez and Vilarino will have made the total in Garcia / Suescun.

Final score: Ramirez/Vilarino 6-3 6-3

Saturday 10:57 a.m. – the program for the day

Friday 23:49 p.m. – Cordoba/Sager left nothing

In a game that started very late following the exceptional match between Tison / Zapata to Santana and Jofre, Cordoba and Sager did not go into detail against Valero / Urzola who never managed to find the keys against their opponents of the day.

Final score: Cordoba/Sager 6-4 6-1

Friday 22:24 p.m. – Santana and Jofre impervious to pressure!

In a match under very high tension against the duo Tison / Zapata (seeded number 1 of the tournament following the withdrawal of the pair Marcos / Garcia), Aday Santana and Inigo Jofre achieved a major feat. Under the clamor of a public 98% won over to the cause of Ben and Téo, the Spaniards were not crushed by the pressure and released an XXL performance to pocket the victory this evening.

Final score: Santana/Jofre 6-4 4-6 6-4

Friday 20:05 p.m. – It passes for Vilarino / Ramirez

The number 3 seed has validated his ticket for the quarter-finals of this FIP Gold Perpignan. And not without difficulty, because although presented as ULTRAS favorites of the meeting, they had to work hard in the 2nd set to pocket the win of the match. Opposed to Forcin and Ayuso who completely got through in the first set, the Spanish pair was forced to deliver a good fight in the second round which will have delighted the public.

Final score: Vilarino/Ramirez 6-0 7-6

Friday 19:02 p.m. – Inzerillo and Moreau monstrous!

Friday 17:22 p.m. – Gil/Gaspar mentally

What can I say about this match, except that it is undoubtedly one of the best matches of the week. If Acosta and Montiel had won the first round by inflaming the public, with their aggressiveness and their pugnacity, Diego Gil and José Carlos Gaspar did not let themselves be defeated. Revengeful and much more skilful, the two compatriots raised their level of play when necessary.

Opposite even if Montiel and Acosta gave everything to almost put their health in danger (the match was interrupted following cramps and cries of pain that followed from Valentino Acosta), it was not enough against the seed number 5 of this tournament.

Final score: Gil/Gaspar 3-6 6-4 6-4

Friday 15:12 p.m. – Pedro Vera/Aitor Garcia in control!

In a relatively unbalanced match on paper, we finally had the right to a rather disputed poster. However, the Vera / Garcia pair asserted their status as favorites in the meeting and managed the meeting perfectly despite short moments of absence, which did not benefit Javi Navarro and Christian Medina and who will ultimately remain without result.

Final score: Vera/Garcia 6-3 6-4

Friday 13:48 p.m. – Carlos Pérez and Emiliano Iriart impose their law

Facing the 100% French pair made up of Dylan Guichard and Ludovic Cancel, the Italian-Spanish pair knew how to show composure in key moments in a match that could easily have been played best of 3 sets. End of the course for the Guichard/Cancel pair, which will have had a very good match against a pair much better ranked than them in the ranking, but which bodes well for the rest of the French season.

Final score: Pérez/Iriart 6-4 6-4

Friday 12:17 p.m. – The first qualified for the quarterfinals are: Suescun and Garcia

With an iron fist, Nicolas Suescun and Cristobal Garcia were able to enforce logic by taking the best of Albert Carmona and Alberto Sese, who arrived with the status of outsiders in this part. The Suescun / Garcia pair slips into quarters.

Final score: Suescun/Garcia 6-3 6-3

Friday 10:00 a.m. – The program for the round of XNUMX

Thursday 23:00 p.m. – Summary of the day

Thursday 21:48 p.m. – Ramirez and Vilarino impose their law

If on paper the proposed poster tended towards an easy victory for the favorites, it was not the case. The 4 players will have given us a magnificent show with many superb points that will have delighted the fans. However, Ramirez and Vilarino after winning the first set quite easily, surely did not expect to have to whip until the tie-break in the second set to win the victory. Gasca and Nieto didn't let go from the first to the last point despite the big gap between the two pairs, but unfortunately for them the step was still too high this evening.

Final score: Ramirez/Vilarino 6-2 7-6

Thursday 20:30 p.m. – Bergeron and Leygue retire

Thursday 19:37 p.m. – Tison/Zapata without forcing

Opposed to the pair Pellicer / Campana who came with the status of Lucky Loser in this main draw, the duo Tison / Zapata wanted to respect their opponents despite the impressive difference in level.

Final score: Tison/Zapata 6-0 6-0

Thursday 18:43 p.m. – Garcia/Suescun in pain

Stronger on the length, the pair Garcia / Suescun showed extraordinary fighting spirit to hang on after the loss of the first set and finally turn the tide against the pair Jones / Martinez.

Final score: Garcia/Suescun 5-7 1-6 6-2

Thursday 16:14 p.m. – No time to lose for Vera/Garcia

2 short games, that's what Pedro Vera and Aitor Garcia conceded in 44 minutes of play. For their part, Asier Maqueda and Arnau Riba struggled to enter the game and never seemed able to reverse tendency.

Final score: Vera/Garcia 6-0 6-2

Thursday 15:17 p.m. – Solid as Navarro/Medina

Javier Navarro and Christian Medina put all the ingredients in this meeting to win the victory in 2 sets against a pair Cotto / Di Benne who despite everything will not have been unworthy.

Final score: Navarro/Medina 6-4 6-4

Thursday 13:42 p.m. – Qualifying for Pérez and Iriart

Opposed to Nicolaï Maniucov and Victor Maluquer, the Spanish/Italian duo were able to show seriousness and application to win against a pair beaten in qualifying, but who were still able to enter the final table thanks to the status of lucky loser.

Final score: Pérez / Iriart 6-3 6-1

Thursday 11:51 am – Montiel and Acosta validate their ticket for the 8th

Like Jofre and Santana, Alvaro Montiel and Valentino Acosta were in a hurry this morning. By dispatching their opponents in less than an hour, the Spanish-Argentinian pair are in the round of 8 of this FIP Gold Perpignan.

Final score: Montiel / Acosta 6-2 6-2

Thursday 10:32 am – Santana and Jofre too strong

Literally unplayable for the whole match, Aday Santana and Inigo Jofre did not lag behind by winning in 46 minutes against Enrique Vizcaino and Sergi Arquerons.

Final score: Santana / Jofre 6-2 6-2

Thursday – Live from 9:45 a.m.

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Wednesday's report

Wednesday 23:47 p.m. – Scatena/Mercadal at the end of the suspense

Opposed to the 100% French pair composed of Loïc Le Panse and Nicolas Trancart, Jérémy Scatena and Adria Mercadal were able to extricate themselves from the trap set by their opponents in 3 sets.

Final score: Scatena/Mercadal 4-6 6-4 6-1

Wednesday 21 p.m. – Moreau/Inzerillo also qualify

In a tight match, Max Moreau and Jérôme Inzerillo knew how to make the difference at every key moment to win in 2 sets against Daniel de Castro and Ivan Garcia.

Final score: Moreau/Inzerillo 6-4 6-4

Wednesday 20:20 p.m. – Ayuso / Forcin follows suit and takes its turn in 8th

Very solid, the players from the qualifications Quentin Ayuso and Maxime Forcin created a mini surprise by eliminating Joaquin Saura and Alejandro Tasa.

Final score: Ayuso/Forcin 7-5 6-3

Wednesday 18:45 p.m. – Cancel / Guichard first French pair qualified for the eighth

The short rain-related interruption did not disturb Dylan Guichard and Ludovic Cancel, who won 6/4 6/4 against Rodriguez / Vera and qualified for the round of XNUMX!

Wednesday 18:20 p.m. – Rain comes to Perpignan

The clouds were threatening, and as we suspected, the rain began to fall on Perpignan. Meetings are suspended until further notice. During the interruption, Cancel and Guichard led 6/4 5/4 against Rodriguez / Vera. When the match resumes, the French pair will serve to win the match.

Wednesday 17:00 p.m. – Valero/Urzola’s turn to qualify

The clash between Spanish pairs saw the victory of Valero / Urzola against Morales / Deltell: 7/5 6/4.

Wednesday 15:05 p.m. – Sese/Carmona first qualified for 1/8ths

The Spaniards Alberto Sese and Albert Carmona dominated the French Julien Seurin and Lilian Fouré in two sets: 6/4 6/4.

Wednesday – Live from 14:00 p.m.

Here are the matches that will be broadcast on our YouTube channel, with no less than 11 French competing today:

  • 14 p.m. – Fouré / Seurin vs Sese / Carmona
  • 15:30 p.m. – Valero / Urzola vs. Morales / Deltell
  • 17 p.m. – Cancel / Guichard vs. Rodriguez / Vera
  • 18:30 p.m. – Saura / Tasa vs Ayuso / Forcin
  • 20 p.m. – Moreau Inzerillo vs. De Castro / Garcia
  • 21:30 p.m. – Mercadal / Scatena vs Le Panse / Trancart

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The Tournament Program

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