In this second edition of Padel Trend Expo (January 19/21, 2024 – Allianz MiCo), the community of padel comes together again to exhibit, have fun and put themselves to the test on the six courts of padel and the two pickleball games set up for the occasion.

But also to develop their network, broaden their skills, learn sports techniques and know-how and much more. The place where international players meet to analyze and discuss current trends, as well as to present innovative and cutting-edge services, is the Inspiration Hub: a dynamic and interactive space which, during the three days of activity of the first edition, made it possible to realize great potential by initiating productive commercial contacts, thus becoming an essential annual meeting for the B2B market of Padel Trend Expo.

Le padel, as the data demonstrates, is anchored in the Italian sporting fabric. A large number of people, including those who led a sedentary lifestyle until now, have become passionate about this sport, also attracted by its conviviality.

It is precisely for this reason that it is important to understand that the padel is not a simple game, but a complete sport that requires attention and preparation. To minimize the risk of injury, it is therefore necessary to be familiar with all the dynamics linked to prevention, to correctly choose your shoes, your racket and your outfit, to follow an adequate diet and to engage in training and training. specific training.

That is why Padel Trend decided to organize the First National Traumatology Congress of Padel, an event that will not only focus on aspects related to traumatology, but will address all aspects related to the practice of padel.

This will be an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and exchange with professionals in the sector, with the aim of promoting safe and conscious practice of this sport. To address these topics and delve deeper into the trends and figures that characterize the padel in Italy, experts and leading companies in the sector will meet on Saturday January 20 from 10:00 a.m. at the Inspiration Hub of Padel Trend Expo.

For any information or participation, please contact:
Cristina Donati
Project Manager Inspiration Hub

Mobile: 347 93 55 973