Le padel, as we know it today, was invented in 1962 in Acapulco in Mexico on the property of Enrique Corcuera.

Having no room for a tennis court, he built a 20 by 10 meter court, all framed by the walls of his house.

Le padel was introduced in Europe, and more specifically in Spain, in 1970 by Prince Alfonso de Hohenhole after he had played in Mexico with Enrique Corcuera. It retains the main characteristics but makes some modifications, in particular by adding grids on the sides instead of the walls. It was in 1997, at Barcelona, that all the rules have been unified and that the game has been officially named Padel (and more paddle or tennis paddle).

Matthieu Lebourgeois is a sports physiotherapist and physical trainer. He takes care of players of padel lover of re-athletic rehabilitation and practices padel regularly at leisure on padel. Matthieu fully intends to test himself in competition and show his talent!