Last year, the emergence of generative tools such as ChatGPT or Dall-e marked a turning point in the development of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is no longer a promise for the future but is starting to transform our daily lives, and according to the McKinsey Global Survey on AI, more than 70% of large companies are already using these technologies.

In the world of sports, applications of artificial intelligence have become famous, such as predictive algorithms for winning probability or computer vision referees to detect what is happening on questionable actions.

At HEAD, we have always wanted to play a leading role in sports innovation. It's part of our DNA. Our company was founded in 1950 by Howard Head, an aeronautical engineer who decided to make his own skis from aluminum rather than wood, to make them lighter. This is where our logo comes from: the ski tip with the nail. In a few years, HEAD has become the leading brand in the field of skiing, and since then we have continued to improve our products to offer the best quality in all sports.

24 years ago we entered the world of padel. Over the years we have managed to create the best rackets on the market, with our soft cap technology at the base of the handle, which reduces vibrations, our Auxetic system, which offers superior power and a unique impact sensation , and our hybrid striking surface, a mixture of carbon and fiberglass. We even dared to create a racket with only one hole; L'Extreme One.

In 2024, we are taking a new step: introducing AI into the padel. With aiball, and in collaboration with top athletes like world number 1, Ariana Sánchez Fallada, we have reached a milestone that seemed impossible just a few years ago in the world of padel. Thanks to cameras installed on the grounds of padel, artificial intelligence developed by aiball identifies players and the ball, analyzes matches and training sessions to help players improve their game. padel.

The virtual aiball coach, led by Ángel González – current coach of Ari and also coach at HEAD -, offers its clients recommendations for improvement, strengths and weaknesses of their game, performance statistics (speed of service, placement on the court, distribution of shots, etc.) and videos summarizing their best moments.

The aiball service is available in dozens of clubs throughout Spain, and in the coming months it will begin its internationalization. Additionally, we are working on a leveling system for users that will allow them to see how they are improving match after match and allow them to find players of similar skill level to play with.

For more information you can visit the aiball website.