This has certainly not escaped your notice: this weekend the French team championships 2024 to Padel horizon.

And finally quite logically, these are the My Center Palavas clubs for the ladies and Casa Padel among men who have imposed themselves.

Among the girls, Palavas looked like a scarecrow with French women that we know well (Invernon, Barsotti, Phaysouphanh...) and especially two world-class players: Aranzazu Osoro (12 FIP) and the young Andrea Ustero (39 FIP) .

Among the gentlemen, Casa Padel also had a superb team, with the French Champion Thomas Leygue and the Belgian Laurent Montoisy, surrounded by a Spanish armada: Huete, Zapata, Semmler, and Clar!

Unsurprisingly, these two teams left with the cup, as our readers predicted.

Well, as some of our readers predicted, but really not all, since as you see, in the end, more people saw Casa Padel and My Center Palavas does not win the competition but the opposite! From there to talk about surprises? Maybe not !

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