Our colleagues from Padel Alto meet the feeling of World Padel Tour, Javi leal. The 17-year-old Andalusian gives us tracks that allow us to understand his very rapid rise.

Javi, a child like no other

“I am a very calm and relaxed person. It's the opposite of what I'm on the court ”

? Mature for her age and humble, Javi leal tells how he discovered that he was not like the others, that he had a special talent.

“My father played a lot padel When I was young. I saw them play and I started when I was 7 years old. I won against my father when I was 9 years old."

“I realized I had talent. I also played football as a defender, but I was better at padel… And more offensive. ”


The new Andalusian talent

Young Javi grows up in Puerta de Santa Maria (Cadiz), Andalusia. The port city is famous for being the oldest city in Europe, a shame for the youngest player of the World Padel Tour.

“It's a small town in southern Spain, but the training is good. Mauricio Grandes was my coach, and he is a former World Padel Tour. "

He started in the club of Las Marias, following the footprints of Juan lebron.

“I moved to Madrid to make my dream come true. I am very grateful to my family. ” The whole family Loyal has also decided to follow Javi to give him the best support to succeed. He now trains at the M3 Padel Academy.


8 wins in a row in Vigo

Au World Padel Tour from Vigo, Leal / Semmler did the feat of getting out of the preprevias, the previas, then qualifying in quarter-finals from the main table. The young Spaniards therefore won 8 matches in 5 days, an unprecedented feat.

“The hardest part is preprevias in a tournament ”, surprisingly explains the young man. He therefore confirms that the preprevias are very competitive.

“We train a lot together (With Miguel Semmler), some of the best players only train in the morning, but we train morning and afternoon. Everyday."

“We have good results now, and I want to play with him for as long as possible. But it's not something we discuss. I am very happy with Miguel. ”

The goal for Santander was to return to quarters. The pair finally lost in the sixteenth against Moyano / Rico, already a good result!

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