Former Swedish tennis champion Jonas Björkman, former world number 4, is expected to come expand the staff of the national team padel. According to Padel Fever, a Swedish site, he could bring his experience to a young and ambitious team.

Vacancies since 2019

Jonas Björkman Wilson padel

Le padel is currently in full expansion in Sweden, tennis ground, but the positions of captain of the national teams remain vacant since the departures of Dani Dios et Andréas Johansson following the 2019 Lisbon European Championships.

The process of recruiting new staff was interrupted due to a global pandemic but it was relaunched in view of the next international competitions.

Although nothing is official yet, the Swedish federation would consider giving the positions respectively to Andréas Johansson for men and Mari Andersson for women.

Björkman to help turn a corner

A true tennis legend with no less than nine tracks from Grand Chelem won in doubles, Jonas Björkman would come to bring his perspective on the competition at the highest level. He recently declared: “Our best players have now become so professional that their knowledge of the game is beyond me. On the other hand, I think I can certainly help them with mental preparation".

We imagine that the players would be delighted to be able to benefit from the experience of the former assistant to the Davis Cup captain. Nothing official yet, but we should know a little more about it soon!

Photo source: Linda Carlsson

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