Two days from National 1 interclubs, which begins Friday at Padel Horizon, Jonathan Le Gall, the captain of Casa Padel, goes to Franck Binisti's microphone.

A goal assumed for a while

“We said two years ago with José Manuel Escoin while we were in Regional 1: we want this title of French National 1 Champions. Considering where we come from, it's incredible, we're taking advantage, and I hope we enjoy it even more on Sunday afternoon.”

“We’re not breaking any rules. These are players who are at Casa Padel for a while, notably Javi Clar. We made a choice with José Manuel to take players on contract at international level: Mario Huete, Teo Zapata, Thomas Leygue. These are players that we help and who represent us internationally.”

“I took players that I knew, in whom I believe, three players on the left, three players on the right, we don't do anything. It’s very important to have your head on your shoulders and think.”

Girls coming soon?

“Like Casa Padel at the time did a lot for the padel, we wanted to have a great team and do a lot for the padel. The players are there, the players are also at Roland-Garros for the most part, why would we stop ourselves from taking them? People pay to go see them at Roland-Garros, and there they come for free for them at Padel Horizon. It's a chance for the spectators and for Casa Padel to have them!”

“We are not anti-French, the proof with Thomas, but we are looking for professionalism, we are trying to develop the club. For the moment it's masculine, but soon it will be feminine. We have a person who will join us next season to manage the women’s team.”

“For the men, we also want to set up a second team in National with local players, we will also have a third team in Regional 1…”

Criticisms regarding Ustero and Osoro in Palavas

“This year they don't know the club, okay, but next year they will know it. We need a start, I think it's great for Palavas, even if they are going to be our competitors! There are French women who are behind, and who will be able to experience the very high level thanks to these players.”

“Sète has also strengthened, All In Padel Sports with Pablo Lijo… These players are monsters, it’s great.”

Cyril Hanouna and his role to play

“Everyone has their role to play: Wilson, the sponsors, Cyril Hanouna too. If Cyril hadn't been there on Saturday during the Regionals, I don't know if we would have moved to N2. Cyril is a very good friend and we don't take him as a host but as a player. He is 86th in the ranking, but he knows where he is, he is not stupid, he is lucid. Today who has done as much as him for padel In France ? He has his place in Casa Padel as a player he is involved.”

“I was with him this weekend, he only talked about that. He's a mathematician, he's a trickster, everyone knows him, he's very valuable. He doesn’t intervene in the choices but we talk a lot.”

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