Asked about the structure he leads within the FFT, Laurent Aznar, President of National Council of Padel spoke to our microphone about the developments and updates to come for 2024.

What exactly is the CNP?

“The National Council of Padel (CNP) was put in place by the current governance of the FFT. It is made up of 22 members coming from different backgrounds. Fourteen of them represent the leagues, one of which takes care of the Overseas league. Likewise, we find two members who represent the COMEX, two other members who are spokespersons for the tennis supervisory board and finally four people who represent private structures. The CNP's mission is to be a force for proposals to the COMEX concerning development actions, regulatory actions as well as the harmonization of the calendar.”

“Reward the clubs that play the game”

“The CNP meets several times a year and thanks to feedback from the field, we try to debate among ourselves in order to be able to propose areas of work to the COMEX.

I can cite as an example the index grid which was proposed by us last May and ratified by the COMEX in July. This is a key measure that was proposed, because we were able to see that certain private structures organized quite a few tournaments without necessarily playing the licensing game. For us this was not acceptable. Thus, we proposed a grid based on the volume of competitions organized. What we can say, two months after the implementation of this indexation grid, is that the feedback is positive. During our last meeting, we went around the table regarding this subject and no tension was highlighted.”

“We asked for there to be a real dialogue between the leagues and these structures. The goal is to support them and give them a certain amount of time to complete these licenses. We have 40 licensees per track padel, that is to say that if a club has six fields, it must have at least 240 licensees to be able to organize an unlimited number of tournaments, men's and mixed."

"It is not a sanction, but our objective is to play the game and reward the best clubs by giving them the chance to implement P1000, P1500 and P2000 within their facilities.. "

2024 updates

"We have a CNP meeting at the end of the month and the guide will be released in December. On the program: the non-obligation of prize money in P500, and I am not talking about deletion. We noticed that the P500s only represent 8% of competitions and we would like a rebalancing to take place between all tournament formats. So one of the proposals that we made and which was ratified by the COMEX is to no longer require clubs to put prize money on P500s.

Another thing that will appear in 2024 is the calendar which will be harmonized with the federal sports calendar. In addition, new competitions will see the light of day such as the French U16 or +45 Championships as well as the French Championships. padel-mixed armchair. These will take place right here on 4Padel from Strasbourg from September 13 to 15, 2024. Last measure that I can cite, a ban on the strongest from participating in P25, P100 or even P250 tournaments. This decision was taken to avoid distorting the level of these competitions."

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