Padel Magazine - The lob is one of the shots, see the most used shot at the padel. If there is a shot to master the padel, it is this one!

A good player is one who is able to put 10 lobes in the same place without superfluous action. This is certainly the most important stroke of the padel and so do not miss it, because without the control of the lob, even if you are talented, it's a safe bet that you will not come out winners.

1) Why the lob?

The lob has an eminently strategic role, but let's see some of these features:

  • The lob may seem easy, but doing it in not very comfortable positions is another pair of sleeves ...
  • This is a blow that saves time and so review his strategy over a point.
  • To swing a pair into a defensive position at a position of attack.
  • Rejects rivals, among other things after a service.

This is the shot that can rock a part, much more than all other shots.

2) How to make a padel lob?

We can consider that we must master two concepts to lober to perfection:

  • A high lob: That does not allow the opponents to smash the ball.
  • A deep lob: The high but shallow ball will not have the desired effect.

The correct height is about 7 to 8 meters at the level of the net. The higher the lob is achieved, the better, because the ball will have a tendency to hit less against the backcourt.

3) Why make a lob so high?

  • To save time and better position yourself.
  • To put in difficulty his rivals especially during a possible smash.
  • A ball in the vertical is more difficult to hit than a ball horizontally.

Caution: A high bouncing ball that bounces too much on the rear window may allow the opponent to make a smash or blow that is difficult to put back later. A shot not too vertical and in the corners is recommended ...

Tactically, a cross lob and so in the corners are often difficult to put back, but it is also necessary to play with the opponents.

For example, lobing the opponent's backhand side can be a good strategy. Thus, lobing in the middle can be a good strategy and thus avoid not only a smash of the opponent, but also to break the angles ...

Tactically, making a lob in a very delicate and uncomfortable situation is not necessarily paying off. It is better to try in this case to put a short and slow ball. Why ? The lob will have a good chance of being badly done ... Balance: Your opponents will crucify you while you are not already in a good position.

Franck Binisti - Padel Magazine

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.