We all secretly have the dream, the desire that our sport be Olympic. It's normal we want the padel continues its development. And being an Olympic sport would gain a step on the tumultuous road to its recognition.

Luigi Carraro's promise

The President of the International Federation of Padel (FIP), Luigi Carraro, made it his promise when he was elected. It was a major axis in his electoral campaign to raise the padel at the Olympic level.


In an interview, the President of the FIP even assured that the project was advanced. He even decided on a date: the 2024 Olympics in an interview. But that was before the current health crisis, it will be soon, but not in 2024.

The advantages of being at the Olympic Games

But what is it that today the Padel is not Olympic? The question is more complex than it looks. But we are certainly on the right track since the number of players continues to grow: the padel is experiencing impressive growth around the world. In addition, the values ​​of Olympism are in line with those of padel.

Our sport would have many advantages to be at the Olympics, the resulting media coverage would be spectacular. For the countries whose athletes would win medals that would obviously be incredible. Indeed, it seems that they have a magical power that dazzles everyone. The general public would be more aware of the results of our players.

We must also mention the financial aspect. It is easier for clubs to receive subsidies from public administrations when a sport is Olympic. Secondly, private sponsors would be more inclined to invest in the padel.

To conclude, we can legitimately think that the padel is at the forefront of sports that could soon become Olympic!

source: Martin Echegaray Vales

Alexis Dutour

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