You don't necessarily think about it when you decide to go up ski runs. padel outdoors, but the wind is an element to be taken into consideration to avoid unpleasant surprises ...

They are not responsible for the trail of padel municipal council of the center of Sora who will say the opposite. Indeed, as reported to us by our colleagues from the site Iowebbo, one of the windows of the track in this city located 100 km from Rome simply could not withstand the strong gusts of wind which prevail in the region.

The window simply exploded, throwing pieces of glass all over the place, and even on a car parked next to the lot!

Sora wind broken window padel


Fortunately, there was no one on the runway when the window exploded, so no injuries were to be deplored.

As we told you in a previous article, there are a number of mistakes to avoid when building a track. padel. One of them is to want to reduce costs as much as possible and not to choose sufficiently resistant materials. On the coasts and in areas where the wind tends to blow strongly, it is imperative to choose reinforced structures, in order to avoid this kind of bad surprise ...

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Avoid mistakes when building a plot!

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