We have been waiting for a while: Léa Godallier, 53rd player in the ranking of the World Padel Tour, will continue his adventure with Nox Padel !

Partner change but no equipment supplier for Léa Godallier, who continues her adventure with Nox Padel. The brand just announced it on his Instagram account.

Léa Godallier signature Nox AT10 Genius

The French, who aims to enter the Top 30 of the WPT, therefore begin its third year alongside Nox, a brand that also sponsors Agustin Tapia, Miguel Lamperti, the Alayeto twins, Lorena Rufo, and even Benjamin Tison! The one that evolved in 2020 with the much appreciated AT10 Genius, should soon present us his choice of pala for the new season!


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