During this circuit truce Premier Padel et World Padel Tour, partner changes are made at all levels!

After noticing that Victoria Iglesias teamed up with Claudia Fernandez and the Castello/Osoro pair was confirmed, we see in the inscriptions of the Premier Padel Paris Major that Léa Godallier will share the track with Eli Amatriain.

The French will therefore know a new teammate this season, and not just any: a former world number 1! If Eli, 37, is no longer in her “prime” (she is now in 47th position in the WPT ranking), she remains a very experienced player, who will certainly be able to transmit part of her experience to the player of Tahitian origin. With a degree in psychology, she will certainly also have things to bring to Léa on the mental side.

The French public will be able to see the Franco-Spanish pair at work in just over two weeks at Roland-Garros!

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