Provence Tennis League - "This is the first P1000 (see below) to be organized in Provenceexplains Stéphane Basini, president of the Padel commission of the Tennis League of Provence. And the only one, for the moment, programmed on the 2017 sports season ".
The Country Club Padel, led by David Vincent, is organizing the first edition of the smartTrade Open until Sunday in its four courts. This tournament, which starts tonight, brings together the French elite of the discipline but also foreign players and former glories of the ATP and the WTA. "In total we welcome 52 men's teams and 18 women's teamsexplains Tristan Barre, the manager of the Padel Country Club. It's wonderful to have so many pairs for a first edition. But also so many very good players ".
Nearly all the best French and best French are, indeed, the rendezvous of the test Aix. "In women, we receive the 17 first players in the national ranking", proudly highlights Tristan Barre. Provence will of course be represented by Audrey Casanova and Laura Clergue, the double champions of France in title but also by Sandra Dalain and Adeline Nadal, the French n ° 15. Also watch the pair formed by Alexia Dechaume-Balleret, former French player of the WTA and Christina Clément. But, in the women's table, the big favorites of this Open will undeniably be the Spanish Esther Lasseras and Carolina Prado, recent winner of the P1000 organized by Padel Central Lyon, facing ... Audrey and Laura, our two Provençal.

A renowned Swedish duo

In men, beautiful people too. "Of the top ten French players, we only need two ", rejoices Tristan Barre. Justin Lopes and François Authier, French 1 numbers (Ligue du Lyonnais) will lead this national armada. The Provençaux will be represented by Pier Gauthier (n ° 7), who will be on his lands as he teaches at Padel Country Club, Jérôme Ferrandez (n ° 9) and Laurent Boulade (n ° 8). Nice people too with Jérémy Scatena (Champion of France and Europe), Maxime Moreau (n ° 5 french) and Laurent Bensadoun (vice-champion of France and member of the French team) or Jérémy Ritz (n ° National 6 and member of the France team). The table also includes Spanish players including José Luis Salines (World Padel Tour player).
But the pair that will attract all eyes will be Swedish. This first edition of the smartTrade Open welcomes, indeed, two of the best ATP players of the 2000 years. Thomas Enqvist, ex-4 World number will be associated with his compatriot Thomas Johansson, ex-n ° 7 and winner of the Australian Open in 2002.
The final men and women table is scheduled this weekend with a Sunday offering semi-finals and finals of both tables.
For more details, including schedules, check out Country Club Padel's Facebook page:

Richard Lopez - Tennis League of Provence

REMINDER: Four tournament categories in France

In France, since the 2017 sports season, four categories of tournaments exist and are determined according to the prize money (amount in euros in cash, unaccounted for lots).
  1. P100 (Padel 100): prize money from 0 € to 249 € - 4 minimum teams
  2. P250 (Padel 250): prize money from 250 € to 499 € - 4 minimum teams.
  3. P500 (Padel 500): prize money from 500 € to 999 € - 8 minimum teams.
  4. P1000 (Padel 1000): prize money of 1000 € and more - 16 minimum teams, selected thanks to the ranking.
Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.