OSS BARCELONE offers courses of padel training in Barcelona. Here are the packs proposed.

Each of our formulas includes:

Our "PREMIUM Pack":

  • 1 private coach for 2 players (except custom program)
  • Elective courses: in French, English, Spanish or Italian
  • Assessment of strengths and weaknesses at the beginning of the internship
  • Individualization of the objectives of the internship
  • Video analysis on the court adapted according to the objectives set with the players
  • Video report / photos given to the player at the end of his internship
  • Access to facilities (restaurant, swimming pool, sauna, gym, bodybuilding, sauna)
  • Weather insurance: In case of bad weather the services take place in Indoor

(logistics supported by us)

  • Hardware tips with possible tests
  • Preferential prices on textiles and materials
  • Suggestions about your hobbies (restaurants, good restaurants, activities ...)
  • Permanent monitoring (24 / 24h) of the smooth running of the course by our coordinator present on site

(speaking french, english, spanish)

Additional options available on request


it is possible to associate your training program with other sports activities (golf, kitesurf, padel, fitness ...)

or cultural (language courses, guided tours of Barcelona ...),

for yourself or for your companions!


  • Flight reservations by our specialized agency
  • Airport transfers
  • Private transport on site
  • Car rental from our partner with discounts
  • Bicycle Rental

Group Sessions (30h)

Individual registration possible every month!


  • 20 at 25 January
  • 17 at 22 February
  • 17 at 22 Mars (WPT *)
  • 7 at 12 April
  • 5 at 10 May
  • 9 14 in June

Our Group Sessions:

  • This program is organized for groups of a minimum of 4 people (dates available upon request)
  • The given dates allow single players (individual registration) to enjoy a comprehensive intensive program with a group atmosphere.
  • All sessions are maintained regardless of the number of registrations (the content is then adapted)
  • Every day, a theme is evoked: DEFENSE, ATTACK, GAME TO THE SHIFT, TRANSITIONS ...
  • The video analysis of the game at high level is used to understand all the subtleties of the game tactics to set up.
  • Physical training focuses on injury prevention and recovery with specific individualized sessions in the gym and on the beach.
  • The dates of March correspond to the tournament “World Padel Tour”. An outing will be organized for the duration of the program. Admission will be free.

A tailor-made program?

We organize customized programs designed to meet the different expectations of our players.

Our programs to personalize:

Pack "SENSATION" 1h30 Technical Training

INTENSE Pack 1h30 Technical Training + 1h30 Matches

"PRO" pack 1h30 Technical Training + 1h30 Matches + 1h Physical Training

The references of the given sessions correspond to DAILY hours, and can spread over 2 at 5 days (renewable several weeks)

You have not found solutions that meet your expectations among the proposed programs, Do not hesitate to tell us your desires, we will send you a tailor-made offer!

www.padelbarcelone.com 33679381636


Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.