With nearly 75 Spanish players among the top 100 in the world, Spain has established itself as a reference in terms of training in padel over the past two decades. Find out why the Iberian Peninsula is the perfect place to hone your coaching skills padel.

Training funded by the European Union 

The European Union, through its ERASMUS + Sport programs, supports mobility projects for sports personnel by financing travel to European countries for a period of 2 to 60 days. The objective is to encourage the exchange of skills and experience between sports organizations, and thus make sport accessible to all.

Spanish training

With a view to developing the skills of sports staff as coaches, a significant part of the Paris Université Club's training focused on role-playing. Thanks to the active participation of renowned Spanish coaches and Isabelle Vannier, the director ofOSS Barcelona, the group managed to quickly increase their skills. This immersive approach offered trainees the opportunity to work on various themes, specifically adapted to each person's profiles and the needs of the group. Various topics were covered, including an exhaustive review of technical shots, tactics, a variety of exercises, methodology, pedagogy and other essential aspects.

oss barcelona training padel

Speakers adapted to the club’s project

PUC participants had the opportunity to discuss with numerous speakers on various subjects. Oriol Moyes thus passed on all his experiences as national coach of youth teams but also as director of one of the biggest schools in Padel. 

Manu Garcia, the head of French Padel Shop and projects in French territory for Padel Courts Deluxe (the largest court manufacturer in Europe), also shared its expertise on equipment and courts. Joaquim Garcia, allowed the trainees to conduct an in-depth interview, addressing crucial aspects such as management, management and leadership of a large club with more than 50 employees. Another notable meeting of the training involved José Luis Garcia, José Luis Nunez and Mari Carmen Abilla, the three managers of one of the oldest indoor centers in the region. Over the course of the week, the Paris Université Club also benefited from the knowledge of fifteen other speakers, including coaches, former youth hopefuls, youth internationals, the director of padel adapted, the champion of Catalonia padel suitable for young people and their parents, professional players, a tournament manager, as well as local players.

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Meetings against locals

During these 5 days, the group competed against local teams, including one of the best mixed pairs in Catalonia. These direct confrontations constituted a real life-size test, allowing participants to understand the diversity of the level of play and the strategies deployed on the Spanish pitches compared to what they know in France. This experience proved to be a pleasant way to enrich their understanding of padel, but also to strengthen their adaptability to varied playing styles, an essential element for any coach aspiring to train competitive players in an international context. 

Vila match Padel sham

Observation of the school padel 

The Paris Université Club was supported by Isabelle in observing the different teaching methods and the advice provided by the coaches. This privileged access not only enriched their training knowledge, but also highlighted the nuances and subtleties that make the training unique. padel Spanish. From the technique of the best players in Catalonia to specific approaches adapted to the youngest and during padel suitable for young people through training courses padel adapted for people with disabilities. Each lesson brought a different perspective, contributing to the evolution and deepening of participants' skills.

An intensive week between teaching and discoveries 


Despite the very busy and busy days, the Paris Université Club group had the opportunity to discover the Spanish contours. Indeed, they had the chance to stroll through the city of Barcelona to savor its gastronomy and its architecture, to experience a true Spanish celebration at the Sitges carnival and also to visit the festive and sporting infrastructures of Castelldefels. Finally, before returning to France, the participants had the opportunity to participate in the matches of the final phase of the Catalan championships where the best players in the world were playing.

The intensive internship of the Paris Université Club in Barcelona was an enriching immersion in the world of padel Spanish. Through numerous meetings with experts, confrontations in the field, and educational exchanges, the participants were able to develop their skills and deepen their understanding of the padel. Thanks to this training, the sports staff of the Paris Université Club will have all the cards in hand to make the padel accessible to everyone in Paris.