Le World Padel Tour, It's finish. The opportunity for us to look back at the players who were once the number 1 on the circuit financed by Estrella Damm. Eleven players who for a time were the bosses of the circuit.

The reign of Bela and Juan Martin

Le World Padel Tour began in 2013, and at the time, the bosses of the padel world have been for a while now Fernando Belasteguin et Juan Martin Diaz. These two legendary players continued to reign over the padel world until 2015, with a small interruption however since in 2014, their biggest rivals Juani Mieres et Pablo Lima stole the spotlight for a moment. But Bela and Diaz quickly regained control to finish the year on top.

Juan Martin Diaz Fernando Belasteguin Padel Glory and Passion

Then in 2015, the two men chose to take different paths, and it was with Lima that Belasteguin continued his domination until 2018.

Maxi Sanchez, the first to eject Bela from the throne

2018 marked a real turning point in the padel worldwide since Maxi Sanchez managed to become world number 1 alone and take Fernando Belasteguin off the top of the padel global. Very quickly the Argentinian was joined at the top of the ranking by his teammate Sanyo Gutiérrez.

But the two compatriots were not going to last forever at the top of the rankings, Juan lebron taking charge in 2019. The first world number 1 in history to be born on Spanish soil, “El Lobo” would quickly be joined by another Andalusian, his teammate Paquito Navarro.

Lebron and Galan, the untouchables

Despite the good results with Paquito, Lebron would ultimately partner with Ale Galan at the start of 2020. The Madrilenian and the native of Cadiz would take the lead in the ranking for three years. Three years during which the players then coached by Mariano Amat would impose an aggressive and powerful game and force the competition to adapt.

Coello and Tapia, the bosses of 2023


To try to keep up with the Spaniards, the pursuers were going to try new combinations, and while Ale and Juan were diminished by injuries, Agustin Tapia first, then his teammate Arturo Coello then were going to take first place and never leave it. Despite the return of Lebron and Galan at the end of the season, and the very good consistency of Stupaczuk and Di Nenno, Agustin and Arturo would cling to their throne and finish 2023 as the last number 1s in the history of the World Padel Tour.

Now it is on the Premier Padel that all of these players (with the exception of Lima, Diaz and Mieres who retired this year) will continue their respective careers. And for the moment, the bosses of the FIP ranking are still Lebron and Galan. Will they be dethroned in 2024?

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