The great adventure continues between the 16th French player and the Spanish brand continues!

Loïc Le Panse, who is currently in Perpignan to compete in the FIP Gold alongside Nicolas Trancart, took the opportunity to renew its partnership with StarVie. And what better than to do it in the shop of French Padel Shop ?!


Loïc is obviously delighted to continue with this brand synonymous with high quality: “I will continue to play with Metheora. I feel very good at StarVie. For me the most important thing is the great reliability of these palas, made in Spain.”

The international Seniors Plus also tells us about his near future: “With two partners we are in the process of setting up a club of padel in Narbonne, with 6 slopes, a restaurant and a sports bar. We plan to open in November this year!”

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