After having known a little delay in lighting yesterday against Leygue / Insa, Jaime Muñoz and Jairo Bautista confirmed this Tuesday the very good things seen during the second set against the Franco-Spanish pair.

Opposed to Lucho Capra and Alex Chozas in the second round of Milano Premier Padel P1, the Spaniards delivered a very good performance to put pair number 12 on the mat.

A victory in two sets for “Chipi” and Jairo (6/1 7/6) and qualify for the next round, where they will meet the winners of the match between Di Nenno / Stupaczuk and Lamperti / Jimenez.

This new premature defeat certainly puts an end to the Chozas / Capra parenthesis, Lucho being announced alongside Fernando Belasteguin next season !

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