Once is not customary, we are honoring one of the collaborators of Padel Magazine Today. Not content with being a journalist with a sharp pen, Jérôme Arnoux is also a player of padel ranked in the French top 1000 for years, despite his venerable age of almost 54 years.

Since this Sunday, he is also Grand Est champion in the over 45 category. This victory was decided on 4Padel of Strasbourg, at the end of a very competitive competition, at a high level. Jérôme Arnoux (893rd) and another Mulhouse resident, Manu Rappeneau (923rd), were seeded No. 2 in the table behind Strasbourg's Frank Allenbach (717th) and Jean-Christophe Schaffo (735th).

French Championships mid-June in Lyon

The final kept all its promises, with two tight sets, notably a second round where TS1 broke first to come away 4/3. But the Mulhouseians then tightened the game and made up ground before breaking again and winning 6-4. Final score 6-4, 6-4.

“I am all the more happy with this victory as we were one of the oldest pairs,” notes Jérôme. Next year, I will be able to play in the over 55 category… except that it does not yet exist at the level of the leagues or the French championships!”

Among the ladies, the final victory went to Carine Rolling and Stéphanie Lapp. The latter won the regional title in +45 years for the second year in a row; last year, it was with Safia Bouchakour that she won.

For the first time, these senior + league championships qualified for the French championships. The two victorious pairs will therefore play the “France”, in tables of 24 pairs, from June 14 to 16 on the slopes of Esprit Padel, In Lyon.

Carine Rolling and Stéphanie Lapp

Final result


  1. Lapp/Rolling
  2. Laurent / L’Huillier
  3. Henry-Gomez / Rocher


  1. Rappeneau / Arnoux
  2. Schaffo / Allenbach
  3. Seyller / Lemarchand
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