This Tuesday, Nathan Courrin participated in FIP Rise Bourg-en-Bresse with Vivien Faure. The two young players lost in the first round against the Spanish pair Garcia/Nuñez Lopez, seeded 5 in qualifying. At the end of the match, the young French hopeful looked back on his journey this season and his future ambitions.

His change of partner

It's good to change partners, but it also has negative sides. With Tom [Mitjana], we no longer had the same objectives at the end. Then on the game, we didn't really get along anymore. I am someone who really likes to move forward, to be quite aggressive. And he likes to stay behind, to defend.

I think he brought me a lot of things, playing safe at the back, defendingt, he controlled the game. And at the end, I wanted to move forward more and project myself further. I think that's why we stopped playing together.

Afterwards he remains someone with whom I get along very well. But changing partners allowed me to see something else too.

His review of the year

For me, it was my first real year on the French circuit. It was the first time I left my parents' house. Now I do tournaments, I travel, whereas before, I didn't travel further than Marseille !

Initially, it takes a little getting used to. A new life in Lyon, at the start it was a little complicated, with a new coach, new people, I didn't know many people. I'm a bit of a new kid, young, so finding partners wasn't very easy at first.

Afterwards, I arrived in Lyon as 70e French, here I am 21e. I have made good progress. And with the academy nearby, I had good training. So there's a lot of stuff that's really good at the end of the year. So it's a very good season, I'm satisfied with my level of play. And now, all that remains is to train to reach an even better level.


His experience at FIP ​​Rise Bourg-en-Bresse

For our match, I think we can do better. Obviously, it’s very frustrating. First set, we get broken a little stupidly. We lead 40-0, we make three stupid mistakes and they have a little success. Behind, we have a point of gold to unbreak, we don't do it.

A little frustrating because here, in France, we are not necessarily used to puntos de oro. So obviously, when you have a match like this where you lose six, it's hard and it's frustrating. Even in the second, we lead 3-1, break, we play an average game, we are broken. Then 4-4, break point, we don't do it again on point de oro. Match point, we lose again on point of gold.

Afterwards, in the match, we are not that far away. These are players who train all day and we hold them. Damage. It was still a good match because we didn't play too badly. Vivien had a good match so that’s good.

His future goals

Next year, I don't know yet who I'm going to play with. I have leads, people I talk to.

The ambition is also to do FIPs like I did there. Do a few FIPs internationally, do 10-15, but I'm still going to stay on the French circuit because I find that it remains very important. Do both while still favoring France, and the FIP when it is not too far away because financially, it’s expensive too.

I have the French team in the back of my mind. I did it in juniors and now I would like to do it in seniors, it would be incredible. But I'm not ready. I think we will have to wait another 2-3 years to reach Team France level.

Afterwards, there are a lot of people ahead, there are a lot of people training like crazy to try to achieve this goal. But it's a long-term goal, because I don't want to take the place of someone who has a higher level than me.

You can follow the rest of the FIP Rise Bourg-en-Bresse, live on Padel MagTV :

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