We were talking about it a short time ago the possibility that Tito Allemandi / Coki Nieto and Juan Martin Diaz / Pablo Lijo pairs will form on the WPT. It's now official!

The players confirmed this on their respective Instagram accounts. These are pairs Juan Martin Diaz / Pablo Lijo and Tito Allemandi / Coki Nieto that we will have from the Valladolid Master which begins next Sunday.

Nieto / German

Coki Nieto Tito Allemandi wpt

The pair that will be formed by these players respectively ranked number 20 and 21 in the ranking of World Padel Tour promises never to let go! Two very enduring players, who move very well and who never give their opponents a point. Those who face them should be ready for a real fight every time!

Lijo / JM Diaz

The association between the 25th and 27th players in the WPT should have a decidedly different style of play. Between the punching power of Pablo Lijo and the ease with the net of the Lord of the reflexes, this pair should develop a very offensive style of play!

We can't wait to see these two new pairs in action!

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