We suspected, there will be no padel at the 2028 Olympic Games. For the moment, our sport must be patient and be content with the European Games.

Those who dreamed of seeing the padel at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles can already stop hoping: this will not be the case.

Indeed, as expected, we do not find our discipline among the five additional sports whose integration was ratified at the beginning of the week by the 141st Session of the International Olympic Committee and which are:

  • baseball for men / softball for women
  • cricket
  • lacrosse
  • flag football
  • squash

We see that for this American edition, US sports were favored with baseball/softball, lacrosse and flag football. Cricket, widely practiced in Commonwealth countries in general and the number 1 sport in India, will also be there.

Squash, a discipline popular with racquet sports fans for many years, will therefore make its first appearance at the Olympic Games in five years. Will he be joined by the padel four years later?

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