In these times of resumption of padel activity, you absolutely have no right to complain or to seek excuses. Wait a short week and draw from this list.

Complain, find excuses when we play badly or just when we lose a game. It is in human nature to seek a parade to justify a defeat.

Then the padel resumes, it's great. Treat yourself and above all take care of yourself after so much time without actually doing a high intensity sport activity. But since our naturalness quickly returns to the gallop, within a week, you will be looking for new excuses. Don't get tired, draw from this list of foolproof excuses.

  • I haven't played for a long time

Ok we grant it to you. But we will have to wait a bit before releasing this one. During the first match, you will be able to take it out (even if it is normally the case for everyone), but then it’s cooked, you will have to find another one.

  • It’s because of the track

It could work if you stayed the whole match, or at least one set on the same side of the track. In general we change sides regularly, so the track is the same for everyone. Unless you are a stranger to the club, you will be granted the fact that you have not yet taken your bearings, but should not be overused either ...

  • The spots dazzle me

Come on, we grant you the fact that you are a little fragile with your eyes and that there have been certain smashes or gangs that ended up right at the spot. But it is the same for the other 3. Think carefully before taking it out this one, it does not work for outdoor matches at 10am…

  • Normally I play on the left

It is rarely the reverse. Players do not say they lose because they are used to playing right. On matches with new partners, you may have to play on the side that you prefer least, but that is no reason to complain. Take the opportunity to learn.

  • The opponents kept distracting us

It happens and you have to deal with it. There are opponents who seek to distract you and get you out of the game by any means. It's up to you to stay united with your partner and deal with these situations ... during the match, not afterwards, it's no use.

  • My partner was not having a good day

So it's small to blame your partner. Okay, that’s the easiest excuse, and it works pretty well. But be careful not to take it out after each defeat or you will end up playing alone.

  • It's because of the bullets

It may be that the balls that you are going to use are different from those that you are used to using, that they are more bouncing or less. But it is the same for the 4's. This excuse is valid at the start of the match, but you cannot continue with this remark after 3 hooked sets ended at the tie break 10/8.

  • I was no longer in the match, they put me in the fridge

So it’s true that it’s not very nice when we are playing leisure friendly games. But in tournaments, it happens frequently. Instead of complaining, try to find parades to take a few more balls and relieve your partner.

  • With these shoes I can't play well

What? You knew you came to play padel and you put on your shoes that make you play badly, do you do it on purpose or what? This is how it is, some people have shoes to play well and shoes to play badly. The worst part is that they put them on for a padel game, and to play with you, weird right?

There you have something to prepare for your next defeat. Take advantage of the recovery, take advantage of your friends, have fun, and congratulate the winners, the next time you could be on the other side!

On the other hand, erase this sentence forever: “It is not they who have won, but we who have lost…”

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a padel teacher in Tenerife. He is the founder of, a software very appreciated by clubs and padel players. Columnist and advisor, he helps you play better through his many padel tutorials.