It is often heard that the padel is a mix of squash and tennis. It is true that if we merged these two sports, we would have something quite similar.

The similarities between the padel and squash

There is indeed a set of technical moves that we will find between the padel and squash. They will obviously be made in a different way due to the difference in racket, ball and ground. However, it is possible to see some similarities:

Walls and windows : squash has, just like padel, windows on the back and walls on the sides to bounce the ball and play with this environment. Squash players also have an incredible ease in being able to adapt to this element of the game when they start the game. padel.

The fly : even if it is less frequent in this sport, the players will have a good enough perception to play volleys, they will not have the technique par excellence like some tennis players, on the other hand they are able to play with surgical precision for what is to place the ball.

Sense of anticipation : Squash, like table tennis and badminton, is one of the fastest racket sports. With time and experience gained, these players are able to anticipate the balls and can become real foxes!

A physical condition of titan : among racket sports, squash is arguably the most tiring in terms of cardio. Despite the long and impressive exchanges that can sometimes be found at padel, in terms of heart rate, squash is the most demanding. Squash players will then be tough and tough opponents for the duration of a match!

The weak points of the squash player

Squash may have some similarities with padel, it still lacks a few shots to make it a sport very similar to the padel.

Smash, bandeja, vibora : they are undoubtedly the worst enemies of squash players because unlike the latter, the padel relies heavily on high balls. When they start the padel, squash players sometimes find themselves in a big dead end when faced with different smashes, bandejas or others viboras. Their technical weakness in the face of these blows could give their opponents good opportunities ...

The lob: likewise, any blows over the head will also be a thorn in the side for these players. From the moment a lob is engaged in the point, it is an advantage for the players of padel seasoned.

Squash players have many skills to quickly feel at ease in padel, in particular thanks to very good trajectory anticipation. On the other hand, they will have to work particularly on blows that are not found in their sport: lobs, smashes, bandejas, viboras. Tennis players, on the other hand, will have a more “innate” technique on the balls played before the glass, but will have more difficulty in apprehending the rebounds on the walls…



Alexandre Cifuentes

Alexandre Cifuentes studies economics. He decided to intervene on the business of padel and in the sports market in general. It allows us to know about the padel in its entirety.