We have been waiting since the publication of the list of registered to the second edition of Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major to see who has them wild-cards would be assigned. The FFT has just revealed the names of the lucky ones!


On the men's side, four pairs with French players (two of which are 100% French) have been chosen to join Benjamin Tison and his partner Victor Mena in the main draw:

  • Leygue/Insa
  • Scatena/Nunes
  • Blanqué/Guichard
  • Inzerillo/Maigret

In the qualifications, it is the Cancel/Raichman and Seurin/Vives pairs who are the lucky ones.

The big absentee is obviously Max Moreau. Or the French pair Vanbauce / De Meyer. We will talk about it very soon.


Among girls, there are only two wild-cards for the main draw and one for the qualifiers.

Six French women have been chosen: we will have Barsotti/Invernon and Ginier/Pothier in the “cuadro” and Soubrié/Touly in the “previas”.

French women will inevitably be disappointed.

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