Small surprise in the first qualifying round of the Premier Padel Qatar Major with the victory of Max Moreau and Ricardo Sinicropi against Thomas Leygue and Marcos Cordoba (TS4).

The “match between French” will have seen the victory of outsiders Moreau and Sinicropi this morning in Doha. The Franco-Italian pair got off to a flying start, surprising the seeded 4. In just 1h07, Max and his partner Ricardo put an end to the qualification hopes of Leygue and Cordoba.

A 6/3 6/4 success that allows the Habs and the Transalpin to qualify for the second round, where they will face the winners of the match between Carlos Perez Cabeza (96 FIP) and Jose Martinez Sanchis (119 FIP) against Christian Medina Murphy (153 FIP) and Javier Rodriguez Marquez (143 FIP).

Recall that two other French are playing today, you will find the live scores HERE.

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