Already a big surprise Premier Padel Riyadh P1 with the elimination of Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez who lost to Esbri / Rico!

Version 2.0 of the Sanyo / Paquito pair is off to a very, very bad start! The Spanish-Argentinian duo, taken by Juanlu Esbri and Javi Rico at the start, lost as soon as they entered the fray in Riyadh. Little to their advantage in these external conditions and in a center which sounded hollow, these two legends of the padel world still in activity ended up giving in on the Saudi track.

However, after a fairly catastrophic start to the match, Navarro and Gutiérrez seemed to have found the right recipe in a second set won 6/1. But the missed opportunities at the start of the decisive set cost Ramiro Choya's players dearly, who after missing a break point at 3/3, fell back into their ways, committing too many mistakes to hope to come away with victory.

If this is obviously a big poor performance for the veterans, we should congratulate the new pair Esbri / Rico, who knew how to play their luck to the fullest and generally adapt better to the conditions. One more time, the left-handed Rico showed that he had all the weapons to annoy Sanyo on the right diagonal. For his part, Esbri was able to take advantage of the heat of the windows to unleash his powerful smashes when necessary.

In a part of the table that is now more than open, Javi and Juanlu will meet tomorrow the winners of the match between Zapata / Goenaga and Gil / Moyano.

Paquito and Sanyo will have to quickly recover from this disillusionment and return to work to try to avoid another disappointment in a week in Qatar...

To follow the matches in Riyadh this Tuesday:

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