New season and new partner for Federico Chingotto, which starts this year 2024 alongside the Spaniard Momo Gonzalez. For their second tournament together, Fede and Momo hope to do better than in Riyadh, where they had been taken out by the Yanguas/Garrido pair.

In Doha, the two players did at least as well since they also reached the round of 16, after their qualification against the Argentine pair Libaak/Augsburger.

At the end of the match, Federico Chingotto spoke at the microphone of Padel Magazine as for his new association with Momo Gonzalez and his future with the Andalusian !

His change of teammate, end of 2023

I think changing teammates so often doesn't help much because in the end you don't have time to adapt to who you're playing with. With Paco [Navarro], we both decided it. I think we both needed a change.

Navarro Chingotto semi-final qualification WPT Master Final 2023

I needed a player with a little more explosiveness and he, a right-wing player who finishes points more. That's why he chose Sanyo.

Today, I am very happy to have started this new project with Momo. Like I said, people don't know what we're capable of. So I'm going to enjoy the journey we're going to take together.

His pre-season preparation

With Momo, we had a very good pre-season. In my opinion, Momo Gonzalez is a very complete player, even more than people can imagine. He has not yet shown the full extent of his potential.

I think we can win a lot of games and become a very good team. So I'm really happy with what we were able to do in Madrid during the pre-season.

Our first tournament didn't end as we had hoped. Despite this, I am happy with everything we were able to work together. Little by little, we will be able to see the fruits of all the work we have done.

A positive start to the season? Negative ?

I think it's really positive. It's difficult when you start with a new person. We also came up against a Garrido and Yanguas in great form.

We did not have the level we hoped for in Riyadh. This also means that we have real room for improvement, which is very important.

Today we will learn from our mistakes and come with a clear mind and with the desire to give everything !

“Momo is a robot!”

Paquito and Momo are two very organized players who want follow a specific tactic. The only real difference I see between the two is that Paco will tend to take the initiative a little more in the game, through his experience.

Momo is a robot. If you tell him to play there, he will play there, and so on. I think that's the real difference I see between the two.

The project with Momo, in the long term?

Yes. I find it important when you start a new project, to tell yourself that things are not going to happen immediately. You're not necessarily going to win the first tournament: in general, there's a whole process of adaptation and I think that the more time passes, the better the pair will work...

Personnellement, I much prefer when the projects I undertake are over a long period of time. Something like two years, to see if we can achieve the best possible yield. Over the course of a single year, there can be ups and downs, so I think you have to give yourself time.

Smiles Chingotto Gonzalez 2024

Tello/Chingotto 2.0 in the future?

I think that the Chingotto/Tello duo, at some point, will return. I think this time when we are apart will do us good. We are each improving on our own. When we were together, we didn't realize it.

I think the separation allowed us to value each other more. What we had next to the track was already getting lost and almost everything was bothering us and so on.

Afterwards, a Chingotto/Tello 2.0… surely.

Chingotto Tello separation love

A year later, has Fede Chingotto become meaner?

I think that I managed to be a little naughtier but in the good sense of the word. I became more competitive. I always want more. So yes, I am sure I have taken a step forward regarding this subject.

I think this year Paquito helped me a lot. Especially in these aspects, wanting to win and always wanting more. So yes, I have this “wickedness” when playing.

His first Master Final in his career

I was really very happy. We worked very hard. When I started my career, I obviously fought to have a first title. Compete against the best in the world, despite my size, it's difficult. This didn't work in my favor.

But I always tried to get there. I always had my family, my friends for support… They always believed in me. The only one who didn't believe in me... was myself ! The Master was the key element to move things forward, to give me confidence and belief in the process.

It made me want to give it my all this year and to do even more as a player.

Gwenaelle Souyri

It was his brother who one day told him to accompany him on a track. padel, since then, Gwenaëlle has never left the court. Except when it comes to going to watch the broadcast of Padel Magazine, World Padel Tour… or Premier Padel…or the French Championships. In short, she is a fan of this sport.