It exists different factors to take into account when we have to choose our racquet padel. Whether at the level of forms, of the materials that compose it, or even the player himself. Indeed, his game profile will influence the choice.

Savoir identify their needs

First of all, you need to know your player profile. Are you more of an offensive player or on the contrary a defender? You can also be a fairly versatile player.

This reflection is important since it will tip the scales towards one form of racquet rather than another.

What level do you have? Each racket is intended for a certain level of play. Depending on the type of foam and the presence of carbon fiber, the racket will be more or less “easy” to handle.

Not having a racket that matches your skill level is a common mistake. Therefore, carefully analyzing your level of play, and your desires (stiffness, comfort, etc.) is important to correctly choose your racquet. 

You have to know yourself before buying a racquet padel.

Three shapes

Choose snowshoes padel

What will come into play quite strongly is the mold with which the pala was made. Indeed, the shape of the racket is important, it will depend in part on balance, power and comfort.

Rackets round are generally for beginners and defenders. But with certain materials it is possible to counterbalance these aspects and make a round racquet stiff and powerful.

Snowshoes guide. Unlike the first, they are generally for confirmed levels and for offensive players. But of course today you will find comfortable diamond shaped rackets.

Finally, the snowshoes in the shape of water drop. They are the secret mixture of the previous two. A versatile racquet rather for players looking for a mix of comfort, maneuverability and power.

In conclusion, the choice of a pala should not be left to chance. Do not hesitate to take a look at our sites et Brands partners for advice before buying!

The guide to choosing the right snowshoe padel

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