Each time when changing equipment, we wonder if we will not regret the choice we will make later. We give you some keys.

There are lots of padel rackets: brands, shapes, foams, carbon or fiberglass, absorption system, not always easy to navigate. First of all, obviously, know your level and your budget to choose a suitable racket range. Once done, we advise you to select the form that best suits your game and your goals.

  • The form

If you want a maximum control and maneuverability, opt for a round shapeHowever, if you especially want power, you will have to opt for a diamond shape. Finally, if you want some versatility, you will have to choose a racket in the shape of drop of water or reverse drop of water.

Once the selection is made on the form, it will be necessary to choose an eraser that suits your needs.

  • The foam

First, think that there are two main types of foam: polyethylene foams (FOAM), And EVA gums. Remember that the foam FOAM offers more comfort, ball exit and absorption vibrations, when the EVA rubber brings more power and precision. We have already made an article containing precisely the different characteristics of the foams that you will find on the market, everything is HERE.

When you have chosen your foam, you will need to dwell on the material that makes up the frame and the sides.

  • The frame and the faces

Here again, it is above all a story of rigidity and sensations. Carbon for rigidity, and fiberglass for flexibility. A more material hard will bring power, precision, and resistance. A material more flexible will bring comfort, tolerance, and absorption of vibrations. For more precise information, we have made a detailed article on the subject HERE.

Once the shape, the foam, and the material that makes up the faces chosen, it will be time to move on to the weight.

  • The weight

The weight has a great influence on the behavior of a racket. The more it will be the heavier the more stable it will be, the more you can hit hard. A racket light will be more manageable and softer for your joints. For more details, we have made a detailed article on the weight of padel rackets. HERE.

Once all these parameters have been selected, all you have to do is dwell on the last details. If you suffer from the elbow you will have to choose a good vibration absorption system. Other elements may be important, such as the rough surface for effects, a padded wrist strap for comfort,arrangement of the pala holes…

You only have to add some overgrips and voila ! If you want to find other information on palas and interesting offers, do not hesitate to visit our corner SHOP.

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