If for the moment neither Paquito Navarro nor Juan LeBron has officially communicated, everything suggests that the two Andalusians will join forces from P2 in Brussels.

And to supervise this pair, in addition to Ramiro Choya, whom the two players know very well and who already officiates on the bench of the Navarro / Gutiérrez pair, we would find a certain Rodrigo Ovide. The famous Argentine technician, who already worked with Paquito during his stage with Martin Di Nenno, would bring all his experience of high-level coaching to version 2.0 of the Spanish pair.

We notice that as is happening more and more among the big names on the circuit, Paco and Juan will therefore have more than one trainer. And the charismatic Rodri will certainly not be too much when it comes to bringing together two of the biggest temperaments in our sport again!

source: Twenty Ten

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