Sandra Hernández, a Spanish player from 33, from the island of Mallorca, continues her WPT adventure with the Black Crown brand. Let's discover this player for whom playing paddle is a pleasure every day.

At 33 years, Sandra Hernández is not one of the upcoming players of the WPT circuit. An injury a few months ago left her off the tracks. Being at the side of Tamara Icardo and Black Crown allowed him to propel himself to the 22th place of the standings after a very good victory against Ale Salazar and Ari Sanchez.

She is a former tennis player who has fallen into the paddle pot by chance, thanks to friends. A fed up of tennis competitions, a good atmosphere at the padel and go. Sandra returns to the tournaments, gets involved, launches her academy, and today she gets up every morning with the banana to the ears to tread the tracks and "transmit" her knowledge to her students.

A new philosophy of life to take pleasure in what one undertakes and to believe to the end.

Source: all4padel

Julien Bondia

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