However, only seeded 8, Laura Clergue and Emilie Loit were imposed this weekend on the women's P1000 of Padel Arena Rouen. The recipe for this pair is quite simple: pleasure, and zero pressure. In an interview, the ex-tenniswoman and former tennis player World Padel Tour do not rule out the possibility of playing together again. They explain to us.

No objective, only pleasure for Émilie Loit!

Emilie Loit : “It’s been, I would say, 4 years since I started padel with my husband at the Country Club in Saint-Cloud. There were lessons in padel and we started like that. We then played with friends and I find that it's a fun sport which is obviously different from tennis because there are windows. But I like competition, we do P250 tournaments regularly. Above all, we have a lot of fun because I love the game and I'm very playful, I like the competition, but frankly, there is no objective.

What I like is, for example, playing with Laura who was a professional padel. As someone who is passionate about this sport, being able to play with her is just great. My goal is really to have as much fun as possible with the players.”

Laura Clergue and Emilie Loit

Less pressure for Laura

Laura Clergy : “I enjoy it now that my life no longer revolves around that, let’s say. I used to take it, but it took me so long, my life depended too much on my victories and my defeats. There, I'm delighted that we won. But if we were to lose, my life would not change. I enjoy it more because I put less pressure on myself. I don’t really have a goal and then I imagine that we will repeat the experience because we enjoy it.”

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