Designed for advanced players, the new Siux Spyder Lite 3 and Spyder Lite Ctrl 3 Hard are characterized by their hard touch which promotes power and precision.

On the one hand, we find the Siux Spyder Lite 3 Hard, which thanks to its diamond shape and high balance, will delight lovers of offensive palas. Furthermore, the 12k carbon on the faces and the smooth, shiny finish ensure powerful and clear hits. But be careful, the sweet spot The restricted nature of this racket will only allow players with impeccable technique to exploit its full potential.

For its part, the Siux Spyder Lite Ctrl 3 Hard has the same characteristics as the model described above but with one important difference: a round shape and a lower balance, which makes it suitable for players who are more focused on control. Like the diamond-shaped version, it is suitable for players with very good technique and an advanced level. This season, she will be grabbed by the young promise of the team Siux, Jimena Velasco.

Launched in 2016, the Siux Spyder is one of the Spanish brand's most iconic rackets, and it returns this year stronger than ever.

Compact, responsive and powerful, these two brand new models will delight the most demanding and technical players. Thanks to their special three-layer iridescent paint on the frame and core, the new Spyders have a design that is both classy and eye-catching. It will undoubtedly seduce many of you!

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