After P100 kilos, a tournament where only players weighing more than 100 kg could participate, TC Luy de Béarn launched another formula: the P200 kilos. This time, it was the weight of the team which had to be at least 200 kg, in other words a player weighing 90 kilos could very well participate, provided they found a partner weighing at least 110 kg!

And the least we can say is that it worked with 26 players participating, for a total of 2,8 tons.

As you can see, the players had fun on the field, but also off it, with a meal worthy of the event, the strong fellows being able to feast on a magnificent roast suckling pig.

We already knew it, but very strong builds can perfectly enjoy themselves on the slopes of padel. We saw him recently with a certain Henry Tuilagi, or even with the rugby player of the XV de la Rose !

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