Italy will host the 13th edition of the European Championships padel of the FIP from July 22 to 28. The major continental competition organized by the FIP, the International Federation of padel, in collaboration with the FITP, the Italian Tennis Federation and padel, will take place in Sardinia, in Cagliari in what the FIP calls “the Island of Padel, thanks to the great organizational efforts of recent years”. This will be the fourth time in history that the European Championships will take place in Italy.

“The European Championships padel of the FIP will represent the growth of padel at the international level and the great work of national federations in the development of our sport – said Luigi Carraro, president of the International Federation of padel -. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the growth of the padel around the world: professional, senior, junior, amateur players, officials, referees and managers. In Cagliari we experienced great events of padel and public events and we are sure that Italy, a strategic country, will be a protagonist in the organization of a European Championship, highlighting a competitive format that is particularly close to our hearts: national team competitions . I thank the FITP, which has consolidated its central role and worked in recent years to achieve great sporting and public results.”

“I would like to thank the International Federation of padel, we are happy and proud that she has chosen Italy and Cagliari to host such a prestigious international event – ​​said Angelo Binaghi, president of the Italian Tennis and Tennis Federation. padel -. In our country, no other sport has progressed as much as padel these last years. A growth, moreover, which shows no sign of slowing down, also thanks to our commitment. Once again, we will deploy all our organizational skills with the FIP so that the next European Championships padel prove to be a success and a further international affirmation of the padel".

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