Big blow for Wilson! The American brand that sponsors the legend of padel Fernando Belasteguin will provide the official balls of the tournaments Premier Padel.

Wilson has developed two balls with different characteristics, to adapt to different playing conditions: the “Premier Padel Speed” is designed for slower playing conditions, and the ball “ Premier Padel », for faster terrain. The FIP, Premier Padel and Wilson will determine which ball will be used for each competition. The Chicago firm becomes the only brand authorized to develop, promote and market the official tournament ball Premier Padel, in the whole world.

Eno Polo, CEO of Premier Padel, was delighted with this news, stating in particular: “ This long-term collaboration is built around our common values: high performance, innovation and development of padel worldwide. We are delighted that players were part of the official ball design team, as we place them at the heart of our project. This partnership supports our ambition to take the sport to the next level by continuing to build an athlete-centric international professional circuit. »

For his part, Jason Collins, global commercial director of Wilson Racket Sports, added: “ We look forward to collaborating with Premier Padel and to deliver high quality products to one of the most exciting championships in world sport. Wilson has a long history of working to help the padel to gain notoriety and introduce this sport to new regions. This partnership further strengthens our commitment and vision."

Both balls have been tested by players from padel professionals, including Fernando Belasteguín, 16 times world number 1, who explains: “ I am very happy with the end result for both balls. Their performance is excellent, and for a long time. As a bonus, I am sure that the ability to change balls depending on the pitch will allow us to improve our level of play and offer a better show to fans around the world."

The balls Premier Padel Speed ​​and Premier Padel will be available from 1er May at wholesalers and on

Tournaments confirmed for use of Wilson balls to date include: Greenweez Paris Major, BNL Italy Major, Riyadh P1, Argentina P1, Andalusia P1, Comunidad de Madrid P1, Milan P1, NEWGIZA P1, Andalusia P2 , Dusseldorf P2, and the finals of Premier Padel Tour to Barcelona.

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