After the 2023 rackets dedicated to attackers die-hards, today we offer a selection of five models of palas that can do it all. Here is our top 5 versatile snowshoes, those that seek the best compromise between power, comfort, maneuverability and control. They are intended for advanced to professional level players.

Nox AT10 18K 2023

The AT10 Genius 18K is, with the Attack version, one of the two models used by Agustin Tapia, when the playing conditions make him prefer a more manageable weapon. Endowed with an ideal mass balance and appreciable comfort, thanks to its medium compound, it also knows how to be reactive and powerful. It also offers one of the best compromises between maneuverability, forgiveness and power, which is rare. But as for a car equipped with driving aids, this power remains manageable: it thus avoids skidding, but allows off-track exits, the nightmare of drivers but the dream of racing players. padel.

Head Speed ​​Pro X

This Head Speed ​​Pro X is the most powerful of the Speed ​​line, but it's also the most versatile. It's very simple, we find no fault with it. Only his ball output is slightly below his other qualities, which are numerous. 375 grams, 12K carbon faces, technologies to spare: this model has everything to please, especially players with impeccable technique. And its matte and shiny finish does not spoil anything, quite the contrary. It is one of six models in the Speed ​​series, in which everyone can find what they are looking for, like Ari Sanchez or Jérémy Scatena.


Kuikma LS Pro

He is one of two new babies in the Decathlon nursery, whose mother is called Lucia Sainz. The Spanish player helped develop the new Pro range from Kuikma, with this model with a more rounded shape than the MS Pro. The father of the latter, Maxi Sanchez, demanded power, with a 375 gr model. The LS Pro is a little lighter, gaining in maneuverability, while offering good power and excellent control. Comfort is obtained by a mixture of fiberglass and carbon, but also by an elastomer thread, the Shock Block System, which runs along the entire handle and absorbs up to 30% of vibrations.

Bullpadel hack 03 2023

A racquet can do it all while being a monster of power and control. This is the case of the new Bullpadel Hack 03. Behind an elegant silver and black dress, Paquito Navarro's pala hides incredible performances. This is especially true in the smash and volley, where she works wonders. In defense, you will have to learn how to handle it and deal with a comfort that is not its main quality. As always, it is not stingy with technologies, named Air React Channel, Metashield, CustomWeight or Vibradrive for vibration absorption. It incorporates the Hesacore grip and also the new system adaptia, which promotes greater racquet-to-ball contact on slow pitches.

Black Crown Special 16K

Red and black: this new Black Crown announces the color by its look, without referring to the Stendhal's novel. Specially created for offensive players, this teardrop-shaped pala has a rough surface that will allow its owners to achieve powerful blows and amplified effects. A combination of soft foam (SC EVA Densidad 15) and 16K carbon fiber on the faces, it offers an excellent compromise between power and ball output, without sacrificing control. In addition, the rather wide “sweet spot” for this type of racket provides increased comfort and tolerance.

After 40 years of tennis, Jérôme falls into the pot of padel in 2018. Since then, he thinks about it every morning while shaving… but never shaves pala in hand! Journalist in Alsace, he has no other ambition than to share his passion with you, whether you speak French, Italian, Spanish or English.