This week, the CUPRA FIP Tour stops in Dubai, with a FIP Rise whose qualifications started yesterday. The opportunity for the FIP to focus on the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates, along with Saudi Arabia, are the country with the largest number of football clubs padel (over 320) and pitches (over 950): 30% of all pitches in Asia are located in this Middle Eastern country, which reportedly has around 250 fans and around 000 followers on social media.

According to the FIP Research and Data Analysis Department, after Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates is the country with the best land-to-population ratio on the continent (one land per 10 inhabitants). THE padel is governed by the Association of padel of the United Arab Emirates (UAEPA), one of the first federations of padel in Asia to have been established (in June 2014) and to have been affiliated with the International Federation of padel (since 2016). In June 2019, the UAE Ministry of Sports decreed the official recognition of the padel as a sport with full government support.

In 2023, UAEPA had 155 clubs and 620 affiliated tracks (+13% compared to 2022) and more than 1 registered players. To explain this country's passion for sport, it should be noted that the first CUPRA FIP Tour tournament played in Asia was held in Dubai in December 900. It was also won by the French pair Scatena-Bergeron.

After this tournament, four other stages of the international circuit were contested, also in Dubai (two in 2020, with a FIP Rise and a FIP Star, another FIP Star in 2021 and a FIP Gold in 2023, won by the Franco-French pair Spanish Tison / Mena). Remember that this city also hosted the World Championships of padel of the FIP in 2022.

This year there will be five CUPRA FIP Tour tournaments (two FIP Rise and three FIP Promotion) and, for the first time, a stage Premier Padel with the Dubai P1 from November 4 to 10.

In the FIP ranking, four male and two female players from the United Arab Emirates are present: Ali Alarif is the one with the best ranking (No. 345), followed by Fares Al Janahi (No. 360), the first woman being Fatma Abbas AI Jamahi (No. 392).

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